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A story of herbs



I have always loved being in the countryside as a child studying flowers and bringing some home to brighten a table or a gift for family.

Later as a trained horticulturalist I became  fascinated in their cultural folklore and medicinal value as healing plants and with the ability to grow and forage ingredients the uniqueness of the soaps was born. I love to bring nature and its healing power safely into each of my products and to you. I certainly noticed how silky smooth my skin felt when using the soap I had made. and dont forget your skin is your largest organ and loves to be pampered!

Using luxury oils, making natural infusions of herbs, clays, roots, seeds and petals for wellbeing and natural colour, I add the powerful scented essential  oils into each product to transform you from outside to inside! 

Be rest assured that my products are safe, as a member of the Guild of Craft Soap and Toiletry Makers and I am fully compliant with all current EU cosmetic regulations.

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